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I didn't go for the talk on Tuesday.

After watching The Apprentice, I decided to let SY do it the hard way.

In the Apprentice, the employee gets fired for:

simply saying things out of context,

not contributing,

not saying anything or staying behind,

for being pushed around or not standing up for themselves,

if the group doesn't like him/her, (they think he's a bastard/bitch)

or if the individual doesn't get along with the group,

cant market the product (or doing sales),

not servicing,

not being responsible,

not being able to communicate clearly,

not being able to delegate well.

Traits that we all could cultivate and use if we want to be successful in a business :-)

Traits that I have been reminded of.

I think it's a good strategy that Trump has used to not only garner popularity and make profit of.

If anyone wants to run any of his businesses, of course, he'd need to have most of the traits above!

Anyway, I did not hear from SY until the day of the meeting, and she called me from her house one hour before the meeting started!

I didn't pick up the call.

She didn't follow up or seem very enthusiastic about it. Seeming which, if that happens now, what would happen if I need help after I have been enrolled, right?

You know, she may read this blog and read whatever I've written.

But what, you say?

She just has to learn to do sales through trial and error and analyse the target audience if she wants to do sales. (Hei, it's all in our Human Comms text book if she had read all of it already!).


If the sales person wants to sell a product, they have to *sell* the product to the buyer and explain by terms of how it would meet their needs and wants.

More than that, is also the *human* touch.

Is the salesperson only INTERESTED in selling the product for sake of numbers, or in me as a person?

Well, I choose the latter. She only seemed interested in the former, which I wasn't too pleased.

Some buyers buy for the sake of pleasing the seller (could be a pretty girl, a friend).

Well, I wasn't too pleased as I remember BT telling me that he was *sponsored* by his friends to join! (he didn't pay the membership fee!).
They seemed very very enthusiastic about the whole thing, and followed up to remind him to go , like the night before.

Which none of the percentage above I got. Hmm..

Perhaps I should just tell SY her mistakes when I see her tonight.

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