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Car is fixed.

Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!!

He he.

Met up with Peng Guan for lunch at 12.30. Made it in time for the interview. Woooohhh!! loads to tell. Loads to tell!!

The journey to Peng Guan's workplace (shall not reveal name of place out of respect for his privacy).
was fraught with congestion, tiredness and traffic. Sigh. But it was worth it. Mwa ha ha.


Peng Guan looks good in a pink long sleeved collar t-shirt and tie.

(Duh. Don't most people who work in banks or any kind of sales look the same?)

Mwa ha ha ha ha.

You know....educators are not supposed to be colour biased.......with all the ethical reasons of equality of colours,


mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Yeah. Back to my original statement.


He looks good.


I seriously mean it.

I shall not comment further lest his ego goes up any higher. ;-) (he reads this blog, in case you didn't know)

Anyway, he was supposed to take a copy of the ParentThink. Which he *forgot*.

Bad friend. Bad bad friend!

Speaking of which, I've always thought that guys in collared polo shirts, coats, and work attire (long sleeved obviously!) preferably and extremely *sexy* compared to in casual wear ;-)

Anyway, I made it in time for the interview at Wisma Goldhill. Apparently, it's the same place that JK and I had gone for my interview last year at this realty firm. That time, he had to drive me. So no wonder I didn't know how to get much for my Sense of Direction. (S.O.D). Ha ha. The parking charges are RM3 for the first hour, followed by RM 2 per subsequent hour.


The interview was cool.

I AM most talkative. :-)

Lea says I have the potential to be a model. Well, part-time model in this context.

Hmm...we'll see.. We'll see. Anyway, I've to attend 6 x 1 1/2 hours of grooming classes almost every Saturday (most probably excluding Christmas, duh!) at Istana Hotel, 5pm!
I'd have to provide a pair of stilleto shoes (dunno how many inches),
sponsor my own Bobbi Brown cosmetics (which estimate about RM300-800++)
and finally,
my own portfolio of pictures (as in an album).

Classes start this Saturday evening!!

The classes are interactive, which will show me who work my facial expression, deportment, catwalk, makeup and poses in front of the camera.

Seems like a good idea. Since I've already got my own portfolio of beautiful pix... ;-)
(i remember Brenda saying this to Donna when they were France, Beverly Hills 90210)
Hmmm..and then Kelly had an affair with Luke Perry after that....and Brenda had a flirtatious affair with Dean Cain, pretending to be French. blah blah blah.

Anyway, after that, I got my car meter fixed at this independently run garage at Mobil along Old Klang Road. The store is run by this man called Ah Long. He charged me about RM35 for the whole procedure. Okay. So now my RPM and the wiring is totally fixed.....sigh.....why didn't I get it fixed earlier?

Peng Guan, go get yours done!

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