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All in a day's work.


woke up at 11.

Watched The Apprentice summary episode. U know what? It is a good show. Realistic to the sense that I can learn something from it. Really good. Donald Trump is not a millionaire coz he slept around on the bed u know.

Hmmm..emailed Melanie for appointment.

Called trainer WaiYan of Fitness First Summit to set appointment.

Called the Dental Faculty of PPUM.

Drove out to have my brunch at 12.30.

Went to the office. Collected my cheque.

Gave Mercy the receipts for her perusal.

Took the manila cardboards for mounting.

Read the Play chapter.

Sent the maid back at 5.

Drove to Fitness First by 5.20.

Turns out no BODY PUMP today!!! Sigh.

And Body Combat was packed to the max! I bailed out after the first track and talked to Joseph (The trainer)

Hmmm...Yeah. Body Combat is dangerous coz I almost got kicked in my face last week.......will not elaborate on that....

Joseph is the free-lance trainer for Body Pump whose class I went to at Summit on Friday after I handed in my CMS essay. His worst than Nami by a lot.

Hmmm..Asta FFK. I wonder what happened to her.

Then headed down to One Utama to meet up with some of my Basic mates. Juni. Gerard. Esther. KMT. (yup. I know u'll be reading this).

Anyways, I'm meeting Peng Guan tomorrow for lunch.

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