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All in a day's work 3.

Woah. Saturday was a real busy day.

Got my car to the workshop in the morning.
The mechanic sure has some persuasive skills, BUT not as GOOD as I AM!!!

Hah! You can't outwit a SMART girl like me! I can play *dumb* just as well!

Right after, I had to go for class at 1pm up till 4pm.
We studied and discussed about the different illegitimate and legitimate reasons for arguments and how good arguments have objective reasons that goes straight to the point, etc, etc, etc.

(that is related to my car in the workshop thingy story. Of the mechanic with persuasive supporting points to prove that my car was indeed a wreck, and using the AIDA formula to try to get me to ask the mechanic to fix it! LoLz)

I decided to do something for myself today. I got all the details of each and everyone from the class, since NOBODY bothered to do that. I'll email the details to the rest of the classmates to each and everyone of them later!

And then, drove straight down to Istana Hotel for my class by 5pm.
OK, If you see me falling off the catwalk, just remember to catch me before I FALL ya??!!!!

And then after, drove down to Midvalley to meet Ai Ling.
Initially I didn't want to go down there, since there's normally a huge traffic jam there on weekends.
But the traffic had subsided by then.

Yup. we had sushi for dinner. and Christmas Shopping. heh!!!
Got myself a really cozy pair of sandals. Ai Ling got herself a new pair of sandals as well!

Was showing it off proudly around today during my Sungai Tisong outreach.
*smilling widely like a chesire cat*
My mom just *rolled* her eyes. Ha ha ha.

Had a ball of a time just going through the shops and looking through all the soft toys......they do really make cute prezzies...

I got my cousin, Karen a really cute and soft teddy bear. Her birthday falls on New Year's Eve. I'm sure she'll LOVE it! Great way to enjoy the New Year's Eve, eh? ;-)

Gave my other cousin, Mabel her prezzie today, since I wont be meeting her on Christmas Eve.
I shall not divulge what she got me...but it is something that every girl can use ;-)

Ai Ling had a really good time as well. She was carrying loads of presents!

You'd think I'd be REALLY tired after that? But seriously, I had such a good time, I didn't feel ThaT lethargic after all. Now, if every day could be just like that, wouldn't that be GREAT???!!!!!!!!

We had such a good time talking to this extremely bubbly Estee Lauder salesgirl who was trying to get me and Ai Ling to buy her scents. Lolz!

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