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Ah Long

I got my car back to Ah Long's garage earlier after organ class.

Anyway, yeah, apparently the cable to my speedometer BROKE.

Now, ain't I a lucky girl, eh?

Well, Ah Long says he'll fix it back for me. Most probably tomorrow morning or on Thursday.

In case you're wondering, Ah Long is only 24 years old.

The conversation took place in Cantonese.

"Why are you in this line of work?"

"Hah, you expect me to study, ah? Die lar. I might as well sleep in class.
But anyway, I've been tinkering and playing with cars since I young".

"Ah...Well, of course. It's your interest."

"Ah....I am quite satisfied with it. A work where I can earn a living, survive. Something I like."

(and there I was, thinking about JoonKit whose passion for cars surpasses anything else.) least he's doing something he likes. Compared to most of us, who are doing things that we don't like just for the financial means. Something to ponder about.

"I'm in the preschool line. The work is okay. But I like writing best".

"What ? You are teacher? Wahhhhh, dun play-play man. A missy here.
That means you got holidays, isn't it? Not like me, gotta work 6 days a week!
You must be having holidays now isn't it? "

He shrugs head.
"Wah, so syiok man!

Hei, can you teach me English, ah?"

To which I burst out laughing and laughing and laughing

"Oi, I seriously mean it! You laughing there for what?"


And to which after I drove away. :-)

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