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Where is that sense of responsibility?

Today I made an appointment with this lady, May Lau, at the Fitness First Menara Axis at 1pm for my Personal Training. Its supposed to be a one on one training session, whereby the trainer will talk to me.

Well, anyway, first thing first, she was late. I waited for her for 10 minutes, before paging for her.
Secondly, she was very impatient. I mean, if a person has been a trainer for quite a while, they should know that most of us have never used training machines before. Nor even know how to do it. Whats this impatient look on your face if we can't manage the use of the machines? I don't see the rationale in it.
Third, she didn't really ask me about myself. She just showed me around, and was done within less than 30 minutes, not counting the time she was late. May didn't even ask me what my objectives were, what I wanted to do, nor even bothered about me. It was over before I even knew it. She just wanted to get the so-called training session over with and run off to do something else. Which wasn't very impressive.

I was pretty pissed off by the whole thing. Anyway, later when I was trying to figure out how to utilize a resistance equipment, this other member who was watching nearby showed me how to use it. His name was Wilfred (or something like that). I asked him about his training sessions. He said that he just joined as a member at the KLCC branch, and his first trainer was another bum, who halfway during his first 15 minutes of his training session, saw this girl coming in and lost attention on him.
Wil got so pissed off, that he spoke to another trainer, Paul, who was quite agitated at his fellow colleague's behaviour. His second trainer Paul, was more professional however.

I told him I did lodge a complaint about the front desk staff recently, and he was quite surprised to hear that.

Anyway, later, I was trying to see how I could go about and speak to the trainer. As in NOT GET PUSHED around. I saw this guy, Anthony, talking to another trainer, a "Mr.Cool", I shall call him. I asked the former how he went about making his personal training sessions, and he told me that initially that he had the same problem that I had told him about. He introduced his trainer to me, and well..ALL was solved. Lolz.

Basically, Mr.Cool asked me what I wanted from coming to the gym, WHAT DO I WANT FROM COMING TO A GYM?, how my diet intake was like, how often did I exercise before, those kind of questions. He took down my number and told me he'd call me after the Raya festivals. Man, I wonder why this May Lau person couldn't do that. Tsk. Tsk Tsk. He told me that he'd teach me and give me some information on how to go about using the equipment and stuff like that. What a really well, professional, caring trainer, who really takes his job SERIOUSLY. I wonder why aren't there any more like that !!!!

Well, ironically..........later when I was getting ready to go back.....May Lau came along. He asked me how my workout was getting along and said that she saw me doing Body Pump classes earlier. (Yup, I did BodyPump classes again, and this time around I had no problem adjusting to it. My hands didnt ache, and one hour didn't seem like enough at all!! LOLZ).

Inside my mind was thinking, Whats this lady up to? She asked if everything was alright, why do I look like I'm so angry...etc etc etc. I have a feeling inside that someone MUST have tipped her off....
Oh well. My Gain, Your Loss, as Annie so succinctly said to RenKai for drinking all of the Wheat Grass the other day......LOLZ.

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