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To banter or not to banter, that is the question?

Would I playfully talk freely about SEX for an hour or more just to pass away time?

That was the question in mind when I met up with Peng Guan with Annie last night. It started off on that note, and ended on the same note....I don't know if to be impressed, or smile. :-)

I'd say I'm not the kind of person who would playfully talk freely about that subject matter unless for a specific purpose. I'd disclose or find out more of another person. Well, sex to some people, (not the gender as in application forms, thank u very much. ha ha). is essentially quite a private manner.

Then again, I have actually spoken about it with friends. BT, the friend whom I spoke to, was surprised he could talk to me about it, as it was a subject most girls shy away from. Well, that was a serious talk, under all considerations, if anyone wanted to know. :-)

It's not exactly a subject you'd disclose too freely to a potential beau ever. Lolz. Would you? But sometimes you would like to talk about it to someone who is not of the same gender......

I can't exactly put my legs on a vacant chair in public (though I'd carefreely do that at home or when I'm just with friends) but not when their parents are around or if the older folks are there. Constant unconscious nagging reminders at the back of my mind beckons when I'm in public.

I'd say I AM amazed that two people can spend an hour just bantering on that......ha ha ha ha ha.

PG asked why had I not participated in the conversation, and to which I answered that it was not a topic I am exactly am comfortable talking about, but which I could smile and patiently listen to without ever speaking a word about it.

As it is, my final words which were left to their own interpretation,

There are people who may not talk about it freely,
But that does not it's not on their mind or don't do it,
And there's the other group who talk nonstop about it,
But hardly or don't actually do anything about it.


Well, this time it's not been 365 days since I met up with Peng Guan. Lolz.... I think he had a good time. With which aspect of the evening, that remains a question I have to ask him that. LOLz.

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