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Personality tests from

Recently I did a profile test at You'd have to pay to get communicate with a match but what the heck...the test itself is worth doing for the go ahead and do it....

The ones that I posted are those that I think is true of me....but those that I didn't post (so u obviously COULDN't Be able to read..are those I didn't relate to...)

Following are 3 Relationship Strengths from your Personality Profile:
1. Chea Yee has an excellent sense of humor and tends to see humor in events spontaneously.

2. Chea Yee is generally good at cooling down tense situations in a relationship.

3. Chea Yee is optimistic and tends to make others feel good about themselves
The four things your friends say about you: ?

What are three of your BEST life-skills?
1.Sharing my beliefs through teaching, participation, and example
2.Achieving personal goals
3.Continuing to expand my knowledge and awareness

What are the THREE things for which you are MOST thankful?
1. My family's health and wellbeing.

2. The fact that I'm alive and surviving.

3. Christ's love for me.

7. Other than your appearance, what is the first thing that people notice about you?
I smile a lot to myself. A LOT!

Describe one thing about yourself that only your best friends know.

I am absolutely QUIRKY!You'll get used to if after you know me.

What are five things that you "can't live without?"

1. My handphone.

2. Friends

3. $$$.

What do I look for in a mate? ok, these are down to the best 10 I could choose...
Must Haves:
Sense of Humor...
I must have someone who is sharp and can enjoy the humorous side of life.
Strong Character...
I must have a partner who is honest and strong enough to do the right thing.
I must have someone whose educational achievements match my own.
I must have someone who isn't afraid to take a risk and who sees life as an adventure.
Conflict Resolver...
I must have a partner who will work to resolve rather than win arguments or conflicts within our relationship.
I must have a partner who will give me space to be my own person. VERY IMPORTANT!!
Style and Appearance...
I must have someone who cares about the way they look and dress and has a sense of personal style.
I am a Christian. I must have someone with a similar deep commitment to spirituality, who shares my beliefs.
I must have a partner who shares my desire to achieve high financial and/or career goals.
I must have someone who is willing to explore our sexual desires with passion and understanding.

Can't Stands:
I can't stand someone whose main topic of conversation is himself/herself.
I can't stand someone who is belittling, impatient or hateful to people in any situation.
I can't stand someone who sees material items as a measure of success.
I can't stand someone who is unable to accept blame or see fault in their own actions.
While I understand that religious conviction is a positive trait, I can't stand someone who is self-righteous and feels that their particular faith is the only one that matters.
I can't stand someone who is not emotionally mature.
I can't stand someone who focuses on imperfection.
I can't stand someone who is so tightfisted as to be impractical.
Foul Mouthed...
I can't stand someone who swears or uses inappropriate language or humor.
I can't stand someone who has a careless and irresponsible manner when with others.

Smoking... I don't like people smoking in my face. Thank you very much!

Many different factors determine the communication styles with which you are most comfortable. Some individuals thrive on the challenge of pointed criticism, while others are at their best in a nurturing environment where criticism is offered as a suggestion for improvement. Each of us has a unique set of requirements and preferences.

Below is a list of communication styles that will mesh well with your own.

Having a partner who understands and practices these traits is important to your long-term happiness.

Plan interactions which support dreams and goals.

Support ideas for change with facts, figures and logic.

Offer opinions and ideas that are stimulating.

Leave plenty of time for socializing and relating.

Be sincere and use a tone of voice that shows sincerity.

Share specific ideas to carry out an action.

Allow time to ask questions.

Be prepared to listen to many stories.

Take time during explanations.

Keep the conversation at the discussion level, rather than confrontation.

Be stimulating, fun-loving, and fast-moving.

In general, human beings are defined by their needs and individuals by their wants. Your emotional wants are especially important when establishing with whom you are compatible. While answering the Relationship Questionnaire you established a pattern of basic, subconscious wants. This section of the report was produced by analyzing those patterns. Our wants change as we mature and obtain our life goals. You may find it valuable to revisit this section periodically to see how your wants have changed.

You may want:
Activities involving contact with many people.

Support of your ideas and dreams.

An audience to perform to and entertain.

No close supervision--you don't want people to hang over your shoulder.

Excitement and variety of activities.

A support system to help you get things done.

Recognition of skills and ability.


Equal relations with others.

Acceptance in a variety of groups.

When in a relationship, how much personal space do you generally find you need?

I CANT see the guy too often. I get sick of them. It happens!

Which of the following scenarios would make you more nervous?
A- making a presentation to 500 people
B- a long car ride with a person you just met
C- talking about your deepest fears with your lover
D- meeting with the president of the company you work for

Best answer: B

Would you rather date someone who is:
A-very busy, with a sometimes chaotic schedule, who books time with you in advance
B-busy, with a structured schedule, you know what days the person will be available for fun
C-slightly busy, who works during the day and is available most nights
D-not busy and has lots of free time

Answer: B

Do you consider yourself an ambitious person?
A- By any definition, I am very ambitious.
B- I have clear goals and sometimes consider myself ambitious.
C- I am pursuing some life goals, but am not a very ambitious person.
D- I consider myself quite content as is.

Answer: C

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