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OS uninstalled.

Well, my bro uninstalled the computer..i wouldn't say the OS is being uninstalled...just that my brother removed some stuff..whatever there it's now back to the drawing board.

The files are still there somewhere in the computer drives, but we just have to dig it out..the essentials, that is.

Went shopping with Kong last night at Midvalley. Wanted to get some proper sports shoes. Anyway, looking at the price of the shoes.. the ones I got are mid price range and very affordable compared to the Nike, Adidas, Sketchers..blah blah blah brand. The sports shoe I got costs the same price as a normal pair of Vincci sandals..Woah....that's how so-called cheap IT IS.

Now, I'm wondering if designers and Vincci are over charging for their sandals..which is just a flimsy pair of plastic, heels and some design and they just simply put a price tag over it.

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