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My birthday....

How was it...rather mellowed down, I say...* I must be getting old* I had to work in the's my holiday duty this week. The Power Teens Camp started today, Thursday.

Anyway, picked Annie up from her home, and we watched The Incredibles on Wednesday. Pretty cool family movie.Then after sent Annie back home coz she was SO tired..... (stupidest thing we ever did for my birthday!).

Met up with PG after at Bangsar Starbucks. Ha ha.....he had a hair cut........O Lord. *he's going to kill me if he reads this* Ha ha ha ha. OH NO!! What happened to my Kim Jae Woon? Boo hoo hooo....!!!

Just basically just chatted and caught up with new and old news. He's as funny as ever. Mad as ever as me...ok, We went almost crazy in the car....Ha ha ha h.....I'm not going to tell you what we did in the car though...

And guess what? My kids ChungTeng and SeeYin gave me a box of chocolates wishing me a Happy Birthday when I picked them up this morning....*Awwwww* How sweet. :-)

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