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It's holiday time again!!
Today is our Party Day! I got a present from Joon Kit and will upload the pix, if any are interested.
Balloons, junk food. More junk food. And loads of Junk Food!

Hmm...the last few days have been quite hectic. Open Day was not bad.
Most of my parents came except for about four parents.

Well, anyway, one of my kids, Emily, met with an accident whilst playing with the swing. She was pushed off by another of the kids, and flew under the swing!! Her face was quite badly bruised all over. I cleaned her face and put some medication on it. Initially, she was crying a lot for a while, but when her classmates came into the office (the classroom is just beside it!), she decided to run off and be a pest, running up and down the classroom. So much for her face being bruised!
Anyway, we (the teachers) were lambasted by the doctor over the phone, whom Emily was taken to by her mother, for not informing her so that she could have been taken to the doctor early. Oh well...Mistake on our part. Well, we learn from there, isn't it? Emily's mother was surprisingly understanding......but no news of what the father had to say......which is very curious, isn't it? .......

Well, that aside, I had my Distance Learning USQ Bachelor Childhood Studies Orientation at SIC last night. The moment I looked at the textbooks, and turned over the pages, my hands were already shaking....undergraduate work. No more spoon feeding. No more late submissions (hopefully!). Most is self study and lots of research work for the course. Thankfully, it is mostly assignment based, and less focused on exams.

The current External course is mostly assignment based, as it is an In-Service Course, meaning that it expects students to be already within a preschool working environment, and the assignments written are more on practical application and less focused on examination. However, if it is an on-campus course, most probably it will focus more on research and exam based assessment. The units done are the same, however, perhaps the weightage and assessment focus would be different. Which is giving me jitterss.....since i HATE examinations!

I'm doing the Semester 3 (Summer Break) which is the same time that USQ starts its Summer break. Technically my course isn't available during the summer break on campus, however, since ours is a Distance Learning course, it's available lar.

Anyway, I saw JY whilst on my way back from class today. She SCREAMED so loud from the car I could hear her from far away! Mad woman ALERT. Woah! That girl is taking LP also! Well, good for her. I'm sure it'll do her some good.

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