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Went to Fitness First today.

Well, today I was up by 9.15am (although I slept late yesterday!), and was at the gym by 10am. Yup, did BodyPump (Elaine) again! Hehe. There's this fella behind me who IS so unfriendly. Doesn't even *smile* at all. So chuen. (Thing is, I wonder is he just like me? Hopefully he is aware that he acts like that. Tsk Tsk Tsk.)

Anyway, after that had a break for less than an hour and went for my first Body Combat (Calvin). The class is pretty woah. Cool. I don't knw what track (as in the series it is), but IT definitely has been a LONG LONG time since I did any side kicks, scissors, front kicks, punches or any of that in a Long Long While. Its done to music, and pretty cool. But took a while to keep up! Lots of cardio work out. Lolz. But definitely beats cycling and running on tread mill. Lolz.
After the class, I got to know some ppl. Winnie and Daniel, who are ex-work mates. Then some others, Kenny Tham (whose gf I saw at the ladies dressing room), and finally, a Loong fella (can't remember his first name).

I wonder, what would my parents say if I brought home a guy who has a pierced eyebrow, wears earrings, and a tattoo on his forearm? LOLz. I'm sure he'll clean up his act even before coming. or when he goes to work. Ha ha ha ha. Actually, I wouldn't mind if he had a tattoo.......(just that people would talk though....).

Gawd, what's happening to my social life? I spent almost 5 hours at the gym today. Lolz. Oh well. I'll find a social life at the gym then. I only had my lunch at 4pm at Nathan's.........There goes my social-social life, and comes my gym life. Revolving around the gym, the trainers, and the other FF members.

Hmmmm...yup, I saw the trainer, May Lau today. She was VERY friendly today. Anyway, I was in a pretty good mood today. Whatever. Well, at least she isn't my personal trainer that I would have to make appointments with. Thank you very much.

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