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FourSquare 4th Tripartite Church Conference at Penang.

Just came back from the Conference yesterday on Friday.

How was it ? It is mostly a conference of members of churches under the FourSquare Umbrella around the world. My church is under that umbrella.

How was it? was quite good actually.

The first two days was pretty terrible, coz I didn't socialise with anyone at all. It was mostly ummm..exploring, observing and watching . Something like what I did during AsiaWorks.
But POOF, come Wednesday, there was this serious change. I don't know what happened, but everyone started socialising with everyone? It was so strange.The mood seemed to have changed. Well, I didn't exactly socialise much, but then again, I'm not that much of a socialiser. Ha ha.

There were Indonesians, Filipinos, very few Malaysians, (except those from Penang), Australians (East and Western Australians), Koreans, Japanese (Okinawa), Hongkies, Cambodians, Thais, and a lot that I can't remember.

When I spoke to Polly (a Hongkie), in Cantonese, the rest of her delegates were quite surprised, and asked where I hailed from. LoLz.
Let's see if I can remember their names.....
for the Jap delegates, there's Tetsu Uza and wife, Regina Hsieh (an American Chinese who's based in Jap), Jeff , a gaijin, from Portland Oregon, and etc.

There's also some Korean delegates, and a Nepalese man studying there (actually, not too sure about that).....

There's Kimberly Boey from Ipoh. He he. She's 14, but she looks likes she's in college. Anyone interested in a high school girl?

I was quite surprised to find Sovichea, a chinese fella among the Cambodians (who's much fairer than me!!) . There were abt 48 Cambodian delegates. Most of the Cambodians couldn't speak English, so he had to act as a translator for them. Hmm....he's actually about the 7th (or somewhere around there) Legal Eagle who studied in the States I've met so far....Ha ha ha....
Anyway, Malaysian law only recognises Law Studies that are done within the Commonwealth Countries....


Anyway, I had my my first USQ Learning About Play class on Friday. It another class.

My (CMS) Communication and Scholarship was more interesting. As SIC is a study partner with USQ, the former holds many other courses besides the Bachelor Childhood Studies. Anyway, as CMS is a prerequisite unit in all USQ courses, well, lo and behold, we had an equal number of both sexes for this particular unit. The lecturer was quite funny, and I kept laughing and laughing through out the entire class.

Due to my past experience with Asia Works, I now actually find this particular unit the most interesting. I've done Play as one of the main core subjects for the MCI course, so I find it particularly dull, since it's just basically repeating what I've already studied for the MCI exam. The fortunate part is that there are no exams for the Play units. WOO HOOO!!!

I just started on Communication and Scholarship, and for the first module, talks about the types of Communication Models there are.

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