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Dieting on White Kidney Beans Extract?

Ha ha ha ha. U have gotta be kidding.

Anyway, that's what I read from the magazine that Laynie showed me recently.

Actually, anything that contains White Kidney Beans Extract would help to neutralise the starch aka. carbohydrates that we take in. Since we can't give up on carbo for the sake of energy, we could use some
other carbo neutralizer instead??


Swanson Vitamins:



Yesterday, Annie came with me to the Fitness First Menara Axis.
We had quite a good time at the place. One hour doing Body Pump exercise. Maddening.

I can feel the after effects of it. LOLZ. we're both tired as...vegetables today. Can hardly move!!! Ha ha ha.
I can't believe I made an appointment with the trainer tomorrow at 1pm. Lolz.

Anyway, Annie wasn't too pleased with one of the Frontline Staff, a Miss Linda.

She was exceptionally NOT courteous, hardly smiled at all, was Friendly NOT.
Not to mention, I saw her applying nail polish in the midst of the other staff!!!
Goodness Gracious!! Not in front of the customers!!

Annie kept complaining about it. And complaining and complaining. (Annie, if u didn't know, used to work in the hotel as a frontline staff).

I wanted to write a hardcopy letter of complaint. I wasn't very sure how long it would take to reach the Club Manager, so what I did was, last night, when I got home after my joy ride and movie, Shark Tales, with Ailing and bro at One Utama, I logged online and went to and wrote a feedback through the website.

I promptly got a reply in return today when I checked my yahoo account this morning. This is the reply to me in the email.

Dear Chea Yee,
Thank you for the valuable feedback. Melissa did not inform Axis staff ofyour impending friend's visit.
My sincere apologise, since Melissa is attached to the Summit club communications were not extended.
Linda has been reprimanded for doing things not supposed to be done at front desk.
I would like to invite your friend and you back to Axis club for another complimentary workout.
Pls let me know when would suit you best.


S. K. Chan,
Club General Manager,
Fitness First Menara Axis,
2, Jalan 51A/223,
46100 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 7956 3320.
Fax: 7956 4320."

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