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Censored, ISA, SS?

According to what the person in the post above said, she was visited by the Secret Service for commenting about the US President. Well, I don't know what she wrote, coz I didn't read the post. Or whatever bullshit.

Imagine being visited by the ISA

....whatever happened to FREEDOM of speech in the UNited States?
Doesn't UNITED STATES stand for FREEDOM of speech, blah blah blah and all that bull shit.?

If that happens in Malaysia, very understandable. We don't have Freedom of Speech, not in the media, not even in the newspapers. It is true, NOT? Everything is censored. Everything MUST be pro-government, or else the ISA would come knocking down your door. Say one bad word about the government, and POOF, there goes your life!!!

Go live in China and live with the communists, for all I can say. Those bastard scardey cats.

That poor innocent Annie girl. She was just commenting, saying what she had in mind. (whatever it was). How can we NOT say whats whats on our mind? What is a blog for if not to comment? U mean, u want us to be voiceless people, without any point of view? A country's politician should thrive on the criticism of the people. Disregard and discern the right and positive views.

Thank God for Badawi, however. He has brought much changes to Malaysia, good that is. He is a loving, humble man, righting the wrong that the current predecessor *duh, who else*, has wrought upon this country. But that doesn't change the fact that everyone goes around in a hush-hush manner, being so afraid that the ISA would catch them if they say something bad or critical about the country. *ROLLS EYES*.

Seriously, LIVE JOURNAL has lost its credibility. If really, someone reported her. I hope taht Blogger doesn't do that????


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