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Today I had to forgo Asta's Open House and also Kong's WOW day to go for my classes and spend time as a family for my mum's birthday. We went to Planet Hollywood. Technically we celebrated my mom's birthday, my parent's 29th Anniversary and finally my birthday all-at-one-go!


Anyway, when I was in Penang, Vivien's friend, Andrew brought me, Gerard, Judy and their son, Brian around. He took us round and round and around until by the time I got home and wanted to go for the evening service, I was almost snoring when they they were having praise& worship.

I would like to upload pictures here, but my Hello software doesn't seem to work on this current computer. I had to upload the previous pictures through my brother's computer (and that's when he's NOT in!).

What's a *millionaire* question? According to Gerard, Andrew asked if I had a boyfriend. Ha ha ha........The funniest part was that I met his girlfriend not shortly after we were at the mall...
Gerard long as it's not *fiancee*, that's a different thing altogether..but seriously, from my point of view, a gf IS a gf.

Hmmm...u know what? About 3 ppl asked me that same question within the series of 3 days......
first is Andrew....then someone during the conference ;-) and finally another one after I returned from the Conference who asked if I met anyone during the conference....

*starts laughing loudly and rolling on the floor in stitches!*

Anyway, the funniest part was when Andrew drove us back to the Berjaya GeorgeTown Hotel, he took a long long way back. and totally got us confused about the directions of the place.
When I told my dad about it, he told us that the mall was actually RIGHT IN FRONT or within walking distance of the hotel. Hmmm....even if assumingly if Andrew wanted to spend more time with us, he didn't actually have to do that, did he? LoLz.

Brian followed me around a lot during the conference that a lot of people mistook him either for my son, my brother (that was Jeff MacKay) or he is my under-age lover...........*right*. Ha Ha Ha Ha.

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