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I can't believe I forgot Asta's birthday!! It was on the tip of my tongue yesterday and that nagging feeling that I should have asked her........SIGH.. SIGH. SIGH.

I can't believe that. Not to mention almost loads of people's birthday!!! My mom's. Mine. and the presents I'll have to be going around to get. there's actually loads more, but I don't keep in touch with them, so that doesn't count at all.

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Anonymous said...

U Joe: This year when my parents were in Langkawi, I forgot to wish them Happy Birthday (their birthdays are within a day of each other). All because I was working too hard then... and the same week I forgot to wish a good friend of mine on her birthday. So embarassing... That's why now I keep birthday reminders in my mobile phone, so that it'll beep beep 2 days before the actual day.

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