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article's printed out

Haha. I saw the article I wrote printed out..with my name on it!! WoAh! yup, it's in the Parent Think mag!!!

I was so surprised it was a 3 page article..coz I kept writing and writing, and didn't bother to count.


Watched the movie, The Manchurian Candidate at Midvalley earlier. Hmm..what do I think of the movie? Well, it's a nice movie. But none of that is of much interest to me. The acting by Denzel Washington and Meryl Streep is good. Christopher Walken is good, both as the good guy in this movie here as the incumbent candidate for presidency, and also as the bad guy, in Stepford Wives. He has acted also in Catch Me If You Can, as Abignale Senior, which is quite a contrast to the roles in the recent movies. It's quite a number of stretching roles, that I have seen him in recently.

Anyway, I just don't like anything about mind control, or any forms of it, as I had mentioned earlier, in my earlier posts. Why does anyone want to resort to mind control? The very fact that one wants to use mind control, is a sign that the person using it is a very insecure person. He doesn't trust himself, and also a fact that the former has low self esteem.

Peng Guan finally called! Like ages!! it's been almost 346 days since I've met up with him. One entire year. I think we probably only meet ONCE a year. Lolz. Ha ha ha.

That's what I mean being honest. I'm not a lazy person. It's just that there are times that I can be extremely blur on what is happening. So, that's the time, where I think one has to be honest to avoid misunderstanding. Muah Muah Muah.

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