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Another day

My holidays start on the 10th....and I'm going down to Penang the week after. CAN'T WAIT!!!

Anyway, tonight I'm going with Hussein to Mines for this talk by Robert Kiyoshaki, or someone by that name. I don't know how he got the tickets, or what exactly the talk is about, but hei, why turn down a chance to learn something new? :-)

Yes, Syaf. thank you for coming to read my blog........I think you're the only AW person whom I've given the URL to........though lots of others have asked as well....LoLz. Leave something in the chat box as well. :-)


In regard to the Victim excerpt, I have a question here if anyone cares to answer....

Lets say someone comes from a broken home, whereby the father left the family for someone else.
The child feels abandoned by the father, but only has the mother to live on.
Or it could be that both the parents are divorced, and they have to juggle the child between them.

When the child grows up, and starts a relationship, would this have any affect on his relationships? I'd think so.

In one of my friend's cases, she refused to be in a relationship, stating that she is not interested in one. Lots of people figured taht she must be a one of those Strong Woman, or Lesbian, worst. Ha ha. She denies this vehemently, but the results says for themselves. Otherwise, she seems like any other normal attractive brainy healthy woman.

Another is, if the child gets into a relationship, the person could actually be quite insecure, and dependent emotionally on the other person. Of course, if the mate doesn't mind being depended on emotionally, thats fine for both of them.

As it is, a child who had grown up abandoned, may be afraid that their mate may "abandon" them like how their father/mother did, and not so much about what their partner did. They perceive themselves as being abandoned, although there was actually no such thought on their partner's mind of ever doing such. Strange, how most of us don't realise that. :-)

Enlightened, anyone?

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