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4th Wave Concert

I may not have managed to catch Chopin's free concerts this week, but I did go for a concert in my college. Only one piece by Chopin, and that is played by Alwyn Wong, which I think is Etude in C minor. or the one after...hmmm...

How was the performance of the students? It was pretty okay. There was a duet of this French song (I first heard it sung by Charlotte Church..can't remember the title of it , in French of course!)

Anyway, it's pretty cool that my USQ Connect website has Music Library I can listen to...of course, u'll need broadband to actually listen to it all day (not dial up, heavens of course! too maddeningly expensive!)

I heard this today on the USQ Connect. It's called Mascagni: Cavalleria Rusticana - Intermezzo. Sounds surprisingly very modern, like some soundtrack of a movie...

Another composer whose pieces are quite modern sounding is Debussy. I thought he was from the 20th Century, but turns out he's not. Lolz. One of his famous pieces would be The Girl With Flacken Hair...

Hmm...I just found out that I can listen to Broadway music as well....Lolz. Isn't that marvellous?!!!!
well, that'd just mean that I don't have to go down to Tower Records now to look for classical music!

Bumped into Jane and Adeline earlier, who were copyng stuff off for their Internship Folders...which reminds's about time I did that. I'd have to e-mail Melanie to make an appointment with her next week, preferably when I hand in my Pre-liminary Essay.

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