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Xanga has virus?

Are you kidding? No wonder I could not access it....nor edit it. SIGH.
Apparently some virus which is stealing and phishing passwords and stuff like that. SCARY. I hope nobody does, especially if any of my entries here are of mine. What a mean thing to do. Phishing passwords.


Anyway, went down to the Australian Education Fair at Mandarin Oriental Hotel today.
I went down to British Council, hoping to apply for the video membership. But guess what?
The videos were all in Cassette Tapes. Big bulky cassette tapes. I wouldn't mind signing up. Problem is, neither does my home even have a video cassette player!!! British Council, you all very outdated already lar!!!
Buy new VCDS/DVDS larr!!!!!

I spoke to one of the course counsellors from TooWoomBa. She said that the 3 year Bachelor course entitles to Teacher Registration, but only the Honours course allows higher pay. Hmmm..Dunno true or false or not lar....

It's been raining cats and dogs the past few weeks or was it days? Sayf says his place in Kajang is flooded!! Woah.... anyway, was supposed to meet up Ben at 2.30, but apparently he was at Pure Life Society with the kids. One of the other LPs, Iris was there. Apparently he had met up with Celine earlier there. Iris was late, and by the time I came in, it was already raining cats and dogs. I had to use my car light reflector board to cover myself from the rain.... sigh.
Actually, it's my second time to PureLife Society. By the time we reached the hotel, it was already past 4.30, and still raining. sigh.

Tomorrow is my kindy's concert and convo. I'm the emcee. Wish me luck and all the best in my emcee-ing!!!!!

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