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New blogging session as of now.....

From Xanga to Google.... blogging site. Not only the fact that I can upload pictures to this website for no premium, I also have a chat program cum photo upload client that comes working with it. From Google, of course.
Anyway, there wont be any chat box. Actually the chat box takes a while to load. It is not necessarily fast and slows down the page. I think it may be possible to add that to the script somewhere, but so far I haven't seen any blogger sites with a chat box yet.

Anyway, here's some interesting news on cellphone jammers on MSN today.
They should install it in churches and theatres....for the sake of people's mental peace and well being.

The only thing I dont like about this so far is on how to link to other people's blog. I still dont know how to do that. What with my poor knowledge of HTML. :-(

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