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Mod blog? I have problem understanding HTML. Not to mention have problem just with the positioning of the Tag Chat box with my Blogspot here ..which is not in line with the entries.

NaNoWriMo...I think I"ll sign up for that and see how it goes...he he.

Anyway, just came from Midvalley with Ai Ling...
Well, what can I say? Some of us are contented with our lives and some aren't. I'm not contented with what I have. In a way, I am ambitious, but then again, I have considerations to look at. Watched StepFord Wives. This must be one of the IT movies in the past, that Christina Ricci would mention it in one of her her 2000s movies I saw on Astro abt her with this partly spastic fella.
Ai Ling came over to borrow some management books, and all the books from me. My mom mentioned it to my bro and he started complain. I retorted, Hello, half of those books are mine. Besides if you're not using it, let someone benefit from it.

Really, my bro needs someone to give him a nice kick in the ass, or else he'll start talking like one that is worst than a 3 year old. Once I start doing that, he'll do anything to keep me quiet. Muah ha ha!!

I bought The Passion of the Christ VCD which costs RM19.90. Who wants a copy, please ask me to burn the 2 vcds for you ya. :-) yeah yeah. Boot Leg. Whatever.

The concert yesterday afternoon was ok lar. A bit stressful, but all in the day's work. Kong and Sayf came over to help out. Really kind and helpful of them.

Anybody ever thought of working in a MNC bank? Hmmm...thing is, I don't like numbers and I hate counting, even money. Why do u never see me think of working in a bank? Advertising, publishing and journalism is more of my thing lar....My parents had a hard time trying to teach me basic maths skills as a kid. Mua Ha Ha....then again, each of us have different talents. Its a matter whether we make use of it lor.

I got my letter from Summit College about my USQ Bach Early Childhood programme!! Wooohhh!!! Abt time. I've to head there on Monday to review the Offer Letter apparently. Wish me luck you people, yeah.

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