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Important Dates.

Woo hoo...

*Drum Roll* please...... dum dum dum dum....

and in order of the days to come.....

6th Nov: OPEN Day for kindergarten. (lots of Pre-Open Day preparation and staying back!!)

8th Nov: Monday. Orientation for USQ Bachelor Programme (in the evening that is).

10th Nov: Wednesday. School Holidays Start one day early for 2004~~ HOORAYYYYYYYY!!!!

17 Dec 2004 : CONVOCATION for my Montessori Course at Summit Hotel, Subang USJ (HOOORAY!!!!)


WEll, I'm not enrolling for the Theory ABRSM Exam. Well, I don't know if u call it ABRSM, but it is a UK based exam. Or whatever examining board it is. My Practical Exam would be under Guild & Hall, and no longer under the Japanese examination board. No doubt it'll be much more expensive, and tougher, in the least, if to mention so.
Hmm..I'm just gonna do as I play along. Well, basically it depends on your teacher's recommendation on which level of exam you are allowed to take isn't it ?? :-) So, who cares!

Technically, why am I even starting the intake in Nov?
Hmm...because financially, it will save my mom loads in living cost.......and the Assessment Units itself?
I can even start the course in March and do whatever I want and have all the free time from now till January.... I don't even know why I am bringing all this upon myself to study so much during my hoildays all within the next three months....SIGH.

Which I'd also be spending RM20k for another sem in AU....which IS A LOT...Oh well. Which would be RM15k less if i were to do it here.......paying only a quarter of what I'd be paying if I went on campus to study......(enough for first downpayment for a brand new Kelisa or Kancil......)


As I listen to Cat Stevens whilst writing this, I wonder. He converted to Islam about a score years or two ago. What's this thing about the Arabs and the Jewish?
Sure, Arabs came from Ishmael, and Jewish came from Isaac (father of Jacob, whose name changed to Israel). And their father was Abraham. Different mothers.
I really wonder why God even gave such a promise to Ishmael's mother. Then again, it was Sarah's undoing, that she HAD to offer Hagar as a concubine to Abraham. Well, succumbing to 'peer pressure' I guess? and she was 80 when she gave birth to Isaac.

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