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Hang Tuah is Chinese? I'd find that believable. I doubt there's any Malay by the name of Hang to begin with. Hang Li Po is a chinse.....get the what my friend theorised, she could probably be the daughter of one of the many many concubines of the Chinese emporer (as we all know tat he had probably a 100 concubines?) and all the Hang pahlawans are the ones who accompanied Hang Li Po to Melaka then are siblings or people from the same village. (as most chinese people who know their own history would know).

There is a village in Guangzhou where my ancestors live, SamShui, (3 Water) and a village called the Yong village, and everyone else who lives there goes by the sir name of Yong. and speaks Cantonese of course.
My parents and my uncles have gone there to survey the place, and we actually still have land there left by our ancestors. Cool, huh?

Do you know taht there are many Muslim chinese in China itself? Hang Li Po was probably a muslim chinse, I'd say.

Memang betul kan kalau saya cakap betul? Semua yang baca artikel berikut tidak boleh menafikan apa yang di proklamasikannya. Lagipun, adalah hakikatnya yang seorang Professor Melayu telah menulis artikel tersebut. Memanglah ahli sejarahwan memang nak meng-agung agungkan sejarah orang Melayu. Tapilah, fikirlah sekejap dahulu, ya?

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