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Fitness First.....or not?

Today I just came back from Fitness First. It was my first visit there, and I was nominated by Asta to go as a guest.

How was my experience there? Well, I found the concept of the "passport" concept, whereby one interchange usage of any of the club's branches without incurring any cost, as often, and as when one likes it, something to my liking.
The entire place has all kinds of exercise equipment for practically isolation of each muscle of the body!! Montessori in action!!

When one signs up, each receives a hiking bag, an earphone set, a waterbottle , a face towel, 3 guests passes, free unlimited coffee/ tea/ soft drinks/ water at the pantry, unlimited usage of all facilities, free dance/group classes, and nominates about 10 people to come in as guests to try out the facilities (with a trainer) for free.
Initial members have to commit for one year each time, and pay an application fee, one month's advance, and the final month's deposit.

The facilities that I like about the place was the SteamBath (good for body and facials ;-), Sauna, the Group Dance exercises (which is a good way to meet people), and the fact that I can go to any club in Malaysia to use it (such as Menara Maxis, Menara Axis, Summit USJ, etc).

I wouldn't mind joining the club, but its my consideration about the time I can commit to it that makes it a problem for me...Sigh. I don't want to make the same mistake as I did for my previous exams....

Anyway, I handed in my article to Joe for the Parent Think mag by 4pm today. I test-drived it with some friends, JK, Chin Mun and Ben. They said the article was fine...however, Chin Mun said that the article's conclusion wasn't in line with the I added a more suitable conclusion, and was then ready to GO! Chin Mun, Chin Mun .......being a College level lecturer...that's what you'll get lar...

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