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Fitness First

U know what ? I actually signed up for Fitness First. Muaha hahah

I nominated 30 people as my guests (probably good for their business). and the best part of being a guest is taht, I don't have to use the guest passes given to me unless for a very good reason. Ad hoc perhaps.

Anyway, the Fitness First i enrolled at was the branch at Menara Summit, USJ. It's much smaller than the one in KL, but heck. Since i"m only enrolling for 3 months, its not that bad. I can stop after 3 months, though I pay a bit more lar. Whatever. Good time but in January, no longer, since it's a new semester, new kids, more head ache, more new kids crying, etc, etc, etc. Not to mention MCI internship. and BECH assignments, and exam.

Then there's the Theory Exams. I'm wondering should I even sign up for it now....SIGH. SIGH. SIGH. That's one worry off my mind if I don't enrol for it.

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