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Fitness First: Marketing skills. LOLZ.

Hmm..yup. Vivien was the first person to call me after Melissa from Fitness First called her.

I nominated 30 people (3 pages long of names....) . Gonna take some time for Melissa to finish calling up the entire list and some work for her to do.

The first thing I encountered from Vivien was taht, Melissa had told her that the one day pass would expire soon. This comes to my mind.
Obviously, Melissa would be working on a commission. It's her job to make sure you enjoy yourself on that free trial and one day pass at the gym (or any other Membership Consultant) so that you would think about it and eventually sign up at the gym, regardless whether its the 12 month or 3 months minimum membership.

Anyway, the reason I wrote down 30 names, (i think I wrote this down before...)...
is because, I don't have to use my guest passes, and besides, and what a good way for my friends to try out the gym for at least one full day, all the equipments for Free lar. Since the service is complimentary anyway.

If a consultant says that the one day pass offer would expire soon, I'd think it's a marketing strategy to make you more anxious, ernest, eager to come in sooner to check it out. I think thats all Bull Shit!!

Seriously, would a consultant turn down a walk in customer, or any other guest who would like to check out the gym? Seriously think about that lar.

Of course, if I was bringing in a guest (nomintated that is), I'd have to inform one of the consultants when my guest is coming and which outlet I'd be going,
so that the staff there can prepare or get ready a trainer for my guest.

The nominated guest can either come in with me ( or to any other outlet after I get my ID card),

or go alone to the branch where I nominated them to try out the facilities. But then, they'll probably have informed the Consultant themselves that they were going in already without my prior knowledge.....

Basically, the first time guest would spend about 45 minutes with the trainer who would bring the guest around showing them all the equipments and how the place functions and stuff like that).

Anyway, for Fitness First their strategy is that, ( I THINK so that is and this is what actually happened)...
I came in almost one week before the month of Oct ended, and signed up for the month of Nov, I was given the rest of the month complimentary use of the facilities, without use of my membership card, since I can only get that in the month of November.

There is also an application fee, which one has to pay (in all normal gyms), and I think they would reduce it at the last week of the month prior to the next month so that the people would sign up in time for the next month. Of course they'll say that the offer hardly comes and depends on management. blah blah blah.....but that's all crap in my opinion.

So, basically play smart the next time lar, ya?

The package that comes after you join either for 3 months or 12 months, would be your free bag, earphone set, bottle, a sweat towel, vouchers (3 guest passes, 3 discount vouchers for the spa/facial/cosmetic treatments, 2 vouchers for 2 x Personal Trainer sessions.).

The facilities at all outlets varies, depending on place and how big the area is. The one in Summit is only one floor, and the one at PKS is 2 floors. The machines at each outlet varies, but the basic services are there.

There are group exercises (you can join all if you want, and have the energy level from Pilates, Line Dancing, Body Step, Body Pump, Body dunno-what, and dunno-what, HiLo, Yoga, etc), all kinds of equipment for isolation of each body muscle, the sauna room, the steambath room, some have that ball exercise equipment (whatever u call that),

Basically these are the things that you have to bring in when entering a gym,
1) bring two towels, one to wipe the sweat off your body after working with the equipment, and another towel after you shower. You obviously will not use the sweat towel after you shower, right?

2) exercise shoes (for group exercises- if any, jogging/running on treadmill, step machines, etc).

3) a water bottle.(to keep yourself from being dehydrated).

4) extra change of clothing.


Anyway, I went for my first two group exercises yesterday. Hmm.....from 7.45 to 9pm.
Hi Lo and Body Step. Next time, I'll just only take one class, and spend the rest of the time at the steambath room. I just dont have that kind of energy level to keep up, as the trainers really go at MAX speed. going faster and faster and faster that I cant keep up!! And definitely not on my first session!!!

Pilates seem more my kind of work out since it is slow and my heart can take that for now, LoLz.

I still haven't made an appointment with my Personal Trainer yet......when I have that time lar........wait till they call me first lar!

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