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blog pages taking forever to load.

really ah...the last few days I didn't blog as my pages took forever to blog.

Anyway, I'll see how long this problem will last. I hope BlogSpot doesn't catch a virus as well....

I don't think its the ServerLogic thingy?

Well, anyway, next week's my Open Day.

JoeBoy came over yesterday with issues of the ParentThink magazine. Nov's issue would be quite interesting as it will feature a lot on brain power

(something that Kingsley would definitely love...muahahhahahahhahahah besides facials, brain food, geniuses, Mensa, organic food, organic this, organic that, and everything else which is something to do with organic or just the word organic like organic shampoo, organic conditioner, organic lotion...all the key words that will just light up that "lightbulb" in his brain. Muahahhahahahahah).

Anyway, today all the kids watched the Preschool Power 3 series for assembly ...although the older kids still complained about wanting to watch Hi-5, nothng beats a kid watching another kid doing adult work. They still like the dominoes chain reaction rippling effect and the cooking part definitely beats it. Ma ma mia!

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